Lash Shampoo

Custom Label Lash Shampoo Cleaning Foam

Name: Lashes shampoo cleaning lashes shampoo
Suitable for all skin
Main effect: clean eyelash dust, replenish water, and prevent bacterial and oil secretion.

lash shampoo

lash shampoo

lash shampoo

lash shampoo

lash shampoo

lash shampoo

Description lash shampoo foam

The lash shampoo foam for lash vendor is an oil-free, tear-free formula, so eyelash extension cleaning foam is very safe and gentle for daily use around the eye area. Use eyelash shampoo foam before eyelashes extension, it cleans and removes any make-up, grime, or sweat residues. Make better adhesive bonding. Use eyelash foam cleanser shampoo as daily care to keep your lashes clean and healthy without irritation, or harm. Our eyelash shampoo can keep your eyelash extensions perfectly cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized, without affecting the adhesive bonds.


Easy to wash without damaging the skin, and cleans more thoroughly.

It can deeply clean the oil, dust, and cosmetic residues in the eyelashes.

Anti-inflammatory and sterilizing moisturizing and delicate.

Replenish water and balance oil condition.

Push-on bottle mouth, more convenient and cleaner, 100ml large capacity can be used about 50-80 times.

How to use it?

You only need to press twice to clean a pair of lashes.

Step1. Shake before use, press the nozzle to squeeze out the foam, and apply it evenly around the eyes.

Step2. Use a cotton swab to wipe along the direction of eyelash growth to remove the oil and dust from the eye.

Step3. Wipe clean the foam residue with a cotton pad soaked in clean water, and dry it with a small fan.

We can help you to customize your own brand, provide professional design services, and guarantee product quality.

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