Russian Volume Lash Extension 10D 12D

Thin Base Premade Volume Fans Loose Fans Eyelash Sharp Narrow Stem Slim Root Russian Volume Lash Extension 10D 12D

About the Item Russian Volume

Color: Matte black

Material: Korean PBT material

Thickness: 0.05mm

Length: Individual 7-16mm

Curl: C D

Loose Fans: 500-600 fans

Fans: 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 10D 12D 14D

Why Choose Aguud Pro Made Loose Fans Lashes?

* Industry-leading value

* Cuts treatment time = more clients = Higher income!

* Fans are available in matte black.

* We ensure that each fan is made using premium quality PBT materials.

* Small base with minimum adhesive.

We want to ensure that our customers are getting great value for money. With our new Pro Made Loose Fans, they will cost a Lash Artist between $3 – $6 per set of Russian lashes (that’s approx $0.01 per fan)! In comparison to the $10 – $15 cost of Pre-Made Fans for each set. With less time spent making them and less money on buying them, we are offering multiple benefits for the best price!

Loose Fans Product Show

The newest and hottest premade fans lash, 500 Fans /tray, Large capacity and affordable price

Sharp stem, thin pointy base, narrow base, slim base, like classic lashes but with premade volume effect

This is the quick contact information:

WhatsApp +8615588035088

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